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Time is your most precious resource; so, I've put together a range of packages that best combine the benefits of Personal Training and tailored nutrition services.  The sort of expert guidance that helps you avoid costly dead-ends and instead, focus your energy and resources on what will really help you to reach your goals.

Social media & free resources

On my public Facebook page, I regularly post bite-size, actionable ideas, that you can put into practice with minimal fuss. Worth a "like" if that sounds useful to you. Clients have access to a private group for more in-depth discussions and peer support.
YouTube, allows me to elaborate on the more technical, or visual elements of certain subjects. Such as the finer points of an exercise, or a detailed explanation of how nutrients are used in the body. 
And if you are one of those people, who still appreciate taking the time to sit down with a cuppa and read. Then I have got you covered too; my blog is the place where I can explore concepts in health and fitness at length to really help you get under the skin of the issue and understand it in all its complexities. Though hopefully, it doesn't seem complex once you've finished reading, of course; I do try to keep it readable!

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