follow-along-at-home workouts

a free video series of workouts designed for newcomers to fitness...

Start Here: Session One
The first in the series of beginner-oriented home workouts features a gentle warm-up and 10-minutes of whole-body strengthening exercises in a circuit loop to raise the pulse and work all the major muscles of the body with low impact forces.
A Stretchy Session: 
In need of a good stretch? This session walks you through a 10-minutes mobility circuit, where all exercises are focused on helping you to develop your freedom of movement and banish stiffness and soreness. Give it a try or include it before your exercise session as an extended warm-up...
On a Roll: Session Two
The second workout in the beginner series builds upon the work of the first and adds new challenges to keep things interesting. You'll need some space and just under 15-minutes to follow along with this session.
New Skills: Session Three
The third workout in the beginner series takes what you learned in weeks one and two and builds on them to expand your exercise repertoire. You won't need anything more than some space and 15-minutes to enjoy this session.