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Our most popular 
​training plan
The Habit Helper

A little extra regularity to really help that healthy habit stick. A very popular choice with people who want a little extra care and attention in the early days of their fitness journey.
- twice weekly Personal Training sessions.
- mindset skills coaching.

- 7-day-a-week phone and email support.
- personalised active habit coaching.
- discounted add-on options.

​£ 219 a month 
The Gentle Nudge

An ideal commitment for time-limited individuals, who need a little assistance keeping on-track during the week. Perfect for getting you up and running toward your goals.
- weekly Personal Training sessions.
- mindset skills coaching.
- tailored active-habit coaching.
- phone and email support 7 days a week.​

£149 a month
The Accountability Buddy

Working out at home? Have a gym membership that you don't use to its potential? Maybe you're happy that your exercise techniques are mostly sound? Then a personalised fitness plan with regular feedback may well be for you.
- custom training plans, weekly.
- weekly coaching phone call (or skype).
- session-by-session feedback.

- a monthly personal training session.

£89 a month

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