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Mostly, you know what to eat, that exercise is good for you; it's putting it into practice that proves hard. That's where your Personal Trainer comes in, providing the sort of expert guidance that dissolves hurdles, directs your efforts for maximum return, and keeps you honest.  Just let me know where you want to start...

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On my Facebook page, I post bite-size, actionable ideas, that you can put into practice today and start making a difference in your life. That must be worth a like! 
If you're not quite at the stage that you feel ready to call a Personal Trainer, then the RaisingBars YouTube channel includes a series of follow-along-at-home workouts, aimed at newcomers to exercise.
And if you are one of those people, who still appreciate taking the time to sit down with a cuppa and read. Then I have got you covered too; my blog is the place where I can explore concepts in health and fitness at length to really help you get under the skin of the issue and understand it in all its complexities. Though hopefully, it doesn't seem complex once you've finished reading, of course; I do try to keep it readable!

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