follow-along-at-home workouts

a free video series of workouts designed for newcomers to fitness...

Start Here: Session One
The first week's session in the series of home workouts guides you through 10-minutes of whole-body strengthening, pulse-raising exercises.

In this session, you will be shown how to...

+ Warm up the major muscle groups.

+ Squat properly, looking after your knees.

+ Execute a strong, stable plank.

+ Start improving balance and strength with reaching exercises.

+ Work your core muscles and strengthen your back with a side-plank.

You'll need nothing more than a bit of space on the floor and a mat or a rug to lie on.

Stretch Yourself: Introduction to mobility
A bonus session for you to try if you feel the need for a good stretch.

This session walks you through a 10-minutes mobility circuit, where all exercises are focused on helping you to develop your freedom of movement and banish stiffness and soreness.

Give it a try as a stand-alone session to improve your sense of springiness and reduce stiffness, or include it before your exercise session as an extended warm-up...

You'll need nothing more than a space on the floor to perform this relaxing session.

On a Roll: Session Two
The second week of the home workout series builds upon the work of the first with new challenges, to strengthen and tone your whole body.

You'll need some space and just under 15-minutes to get a great workout with this session.

I'll show you how to get the most from...

+ A progressive warm-up including mobility to loosen up stiff feeling limbs.

+ A core strength staple, the plank.

+ A bum-muscle developing hip lift.

+ Making the press-up doable!

+ As well as a great leg and bum exercise, the split-squat.

New Skills: Session Three
You're on a roll now you've made it to the third workout in the series! We take what you learned in weeks one and two and build on it to expand your exercise repertoire.


+ Adding spring to your split-squats.

+ Developing your plank into a total upper-body conditioning exercise.

+ Introducing the "dead-bug" exercise to challenge your tummy muscles.

You won't need anything more than some space and 15-minutes to enjoy this session.

Bonus Session: Dig out your gymball
Dig out your gymball from behind the sofa, I'll take you through a great little ten-minute session that will make this un-loved bit of equipment your firm favourite.

A little more challenging than the preceding weeks, you'll want to master thise sessions first before I show you...

+ A fabulous core stretching and strengthening roll-out movement.

+ A challenging leg and bum hip-lift.

+ A bum-muscle developing hip lift.

+ Gymball versions of "dead-bug" and plank exercises to target the tum'.

Bonus Session: Put the kettle on
If you've enjoyed the preceding sessions and you're looking for a bit of a challenge, grab yourself a kettlebell and join in with...

+ Weighted split-squats for a leg and bum shaping dynamo of an exercise.

+ Take your core to the next level with a challenging plank variation.

+ Learn how to safely execute the staple kettlebell exercise: The swing!

+ Strong back and core building side-bending exercises. 

+ And finally, channel you're inner weightlifting champion with an overhead press that'll make you feel super-strong.

I hope you've enjoyed these home-workouts; If you have I'd love to help you develop your new healthy habit further, why not check out the fitness services on offer here...