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intensive coaching

bespoke diet coach


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single 2-hour consult

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Access to online coaching group

Uniquely tailored nutrition plan

Easy to follow first step plan

7-day support and guidance

Includes initial consultation

£219 per month

£159 per month


Personal Training is all about providing the perfect service for you as an individual so, I am quite willing to create a package of training unique to your needs. If none of these examples above suit you perfectly we'll make it perfect, just for you.

- The most useful 2-hours you will ever spend talking about diet.
Give me two hours of your time and you'll walk away with a clear understanding of how you are going to use your diet to change your life. 

Whether this is the first time you've sought diet advice, or you think you've seen and tried it all, a RaisingBars consultation is more thorough, tailored to your unique circumstance, and easy to follow than anything else you'll find. A core component of the consultation is the building of an action plan that we build together; because let's face it, what good is talking if you can't follow it up with real results?

Consultations can cover any area of nutrition and are especially useful for those with particular nutritional requirements such as, diabetes, pregnancy, IBS, and weight-loss concerns.

*Included in all monthly diet coaching programs.

Intensive Diet Coaching
- - Extra hand-on coaching time for maximum support and guidance.
Often used as a means to a flying start before reducing face-to-face time in subsequent months; this package, gets you comprehensive analysis of your current diet; personalised recommendations in the areas where changes will bring about meaningful results; coaching on your options and how best you can make these recommendations work for you; and full support in implementing any and all recommendations you adopt.

It takes all the guesswork and false starts out of dieting. Giving you the confidence that you can stick to the plan, get the results you want, and that you can do it in a way that doesn't test your willpower.

Food freedom, kitchen karma; a break from the cycle of weight-loss and regain. That's what this plan gets you.

Bespoke diet coach
- All the advantages of the intensive program, but with a little less face-to-face.
All the service, all the content, and all the results, but with less face-to-face time. I won't take it personally, maybe you're a busy person, maybe you don't need a weekly check-in to stay motivated and accountable. Either way, you'll find a program centred around finding the right nutritional tools for you, not forcing you to stick to the same cookie-cutter plan everyone else dishes out. This really is food made to work for you.

This is the most popular diet coaching program I offer. Be it weight-loss or fueling long-distance bike rides, if it can be helped by a good diet that works seamlessly for the individual, then this is the place to be.

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