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£149 per month

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£39 per month

Personal Training is all about providing the perfect service for you as an individual so, I am quite willing to create a package of training unique to your needs. If none of these examples suit you perfectly we'll make it perfect, just for you.

60-day Flying Start
- Specifically designed to give you everything you need to start getting great results in just 60-days.
If you're going to do it, do it right. Combine tailored diet and exercise to get great results, fast; that's exactly what we're going after with this plan. This is the perfect introduction to working with your Personal Trainer.

You get two exercise sessions a week, specifically put together to get you the best results for your efforts; you get full diet support, with meal plan examples tailored to your preferences (no one-size-fits-all, here); and you get all of this at a heavily discounted rate, to really get the maximum bang for your buck.

This plan is popular with people who have tried all the diets, joined and given up on the gym, and never quite been able to convert their good intentions into results. Well, no more! Together, we will do this.

Creature of Habit
- - Our most popular personal training plan.
It's the most popular exercise plan for a reason: Two sessions each week with your Personal Trainer and a home-workout plan tailored to your goals is the perfect way to develop a healthy relationship with exercise and be sure that you're doing exactly the right things.

Add in the coaching you'll receive on eating to support your goals, developing lifestyle habits that help you feel better than ever, and the exclusive content you receive as a RaisingBars member and this is a value-packed package.

It's a popular one to split with a friend or partner; training together, supporting each other, and egging each other on. It works fantastically, and you get to split the cost. Win-win!

The Helping Hand
- Perfect for the self-motivated individual looking for a little expert guidance.
A weekly session, to work on your specific goals with your Personal Trainer is a great buttress to your exercise habits; keeping you focussed, always working in exactly the right areas to reach your goals with zero wasted effort. It's the ultimate exercise efficiency enhancer.

And of course, you receive the same great benefits of membership as above; the exclusive content in the member's group; the lifestyle, habit, and nutrition coaching; the seven-days-a-week support. A complete package to help you get the most from your exercise habits.
The Gentle Nudge
- - A home-workout plan with Personal Trainer support.
You've got a gym membership or space to workout at home; you're motivated to use them, but you'd like to know you're doing the right things, freshen up your stale routines, or inject fresh energy into your exercise habit. Then this is for you!

In this plan, you'll get a home-workout plan, built from the ground up to achieve your goals while catering to your space, time, and training preferences. It will be updated weekly, based on your feedback and progress AND you'll get a monthly face-to-face session with your Personal Trainer to develop your techniques, learn new exercise skills and focus your efforts for the next month.

For the self-motivated, this is the winning combination.

The Team Effort
- A blend of Personal Training and small group exercise class for great results.
I'm a firm believer in social support, that's one of the great benefits of the private member forum we use for discussion and content sharing. The idea of getting all these great, motivated people I am lucky enough to have as members into one place to work out together, support, and egg each other on was a natural extension. Call me biased, but I think we've created something brilliant here.

Weekly group exercise classes (Wickham, Thursdays: 18:30), limited to a maximum of eight participants to facilitate as much hands-on coaching as you need (no huge crowds and muddling through here!); always something new and interesting to get stuck into, always fun, and always friendly. This is group exercise done right.